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Sophisticated home security doesn’t mean tattered locks or lost keys. It means a tight security unit that is impenetrable, at least by force. Locks are used every day and over a period of time, lose their integrity just like any other thing that suffers due to wear and tear. However, you need to act long before it reaches a point where an intruder can exploit your vulnerability. 

Lock Key Store is a locksmith service agency that offers 24/7 service to its automotive, residential and commercial clients in Indianapolis, IN.  Our job is to make your property safer and your security tighter. 

When should locks be changed?

Experts recommend that locks should either be upgraded or maintained from time to time. Here are some situations that you can consider as a significant sign that your locks need a change. 

You’ve moved into a new home: Lock Key Store Indianapolis, IN 317-975-2286

Getting locks changed in your new home will eliminate any chance of a duplicate key with anyone who is not supposed to have it! 

You’ve lost your keys: 
Losing your keys is not inconvenient but also unsafe. You never know who finds them and how they intend to use them! To avoid any unnecessary attempts on your property, it is best to change locks. 

Your lock is damaged: 
Rusted, damaged, weak or broken locks must be changed immediately. If you have a lock that looks unhealthy, call Lock Key Store. 

You’ve just had a break-in: 
Has your house been broken into recently? This is a good time to change your locks and give your security an overhaul. 

Your lock is just too outdated:
There is only so much protection that traditional locks can offer. If you think your locks can use a professional diagnosis, don't hesitate to call Lock Key Store. 

Why choose Lock Key Store?

We are well known locksmith service agency because we provide 24-hour assistance and that too in an affordable manner. We promise to arrive at your destination on time and rectify your lock and key issue, then and there. Lock Key Store has been working in Indianapolis, IN for over a decade and has acquired profound knowledge of the trade. Our dedicated team of locksmiths ensures that all our clients are satisfied with the results and that our lock changing service has made their property more secure. 

Lock changing is not a simple task that can be entrusted to anyone. It must only be handled by professionals like Lock Key Store who understand the intricacy of the job. Call us now at 317-975-2286.