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Who likes to waste time asking around when the information we seek is available at our fingertips? While this is truly convenient for most of the things in our lives, you cannot have the same approach when hiring a locksmith. Your online “Locksmith Service Around Me” search will yield results that are a mix of good and bad service providers. Are you really willing to risk the safety of your house based on recommendations made by artificial intelligence?

Damaged locks, broken keys, repairs and replacement tasks take a lot more than just tools. We need someone who has profound understanding of the locking systems and can handle anything from a traditional to a sophisticated lock. Lock Key Store is the perfect answer to your “locksmiths near me search.” We provide a tight network of locksmith service in entire Indianapolis, IN, which means that no matter where you are, we will always be the locksmiths near you! 

We assure all our clients that assistance will arrive at their doorstep within 30-minutes and we will get you on your way without wasting a single second of your precious time. Even your closest locksmiths cannot promise such as efficiency. Lock Key Store Indianapolis, IN 317-975-2286

How to find a ‘locksmith service around me’?

No need to look anymore than you already have. When you have a lock and key concern, just call Lock Key Store and we will get there as fast as we promised. 

We’re just a phone call away

For Lock Key Store every hour is a business hour. We provide 24-hour locksmith assistance to all our clients in Indianapolis, IN and our proud to do so efficiently. Our fleet of sophisticated mobile vans reach anywhere within the stated time and perform onsite solutions for our clients. Our well equipped vans have all the tools and hardware required to fix any locksmith problem, right then and there. Be it your office, home or car, there is not a locksmith concern that our trained professionals and state-of-the-art mobile vans cannot handle! 

The all-round locksmith service around you

Are you struggling with your entry door? Need to upgrade your office locks? Don't worry and call Lock Key Store. We will understand all your requirements and present you with best possible solutions, at your doorstep, 24/7/365. We offer a full range of locksmith services in entire Indianapolis, IN. 

When you have a requirement for a “locksmith service around me” why not call us at 317-975-2286 ?