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Needless to say, stronger the locks, more advanced your home security will be. As the security systems evolved over the years, so did the external threats. There are all kinds of miscreants lurking around, looking for a perfect opportunity to strike. You can take that opportunity away from them by making your property more secure. The best way to do that is by ensuring that the locks that protect your house are as safe as you think them to be. It is common for us to ignore the telltale signs of wear and tear until someone breaks in. However, this is completely avoidable by using professional residential locksmith who can take the responsibility of your home locking system and its reliability. 

Lock Key Store has team of trained professionals who have an eye for detail and can spot even the smallest loophole that your locking systems may have. When you take our maintenance services, it becomes our job to fully investigate the existing security system and pre-diagnose any potential lapses. This allows us to close these gaps before someone takes advantage of it, thus keeping your property safe from the risk of vandalism. Our services are the best and the cheapest in all of Indianapolis, IN. If we can evaluate your property, we can also develop keys on the spot, change locks, replace old ones, rekey your locks and do lots more, at a moment’s notice. We also provide 24/7 assistance to make our professional excellence available, round the clock. Lock Key Store Indianapolis, IN 317-975-2286

What’s in store for you?

Lock Key Store will always first understand your concern, will assess the situation from a professional standpoint and then recommend solutions based on your needs and budget. We can maintain, replace, repair, install, rekey and perform many other intricate jobs to enhance the security of your locks. We can also make high-end lock and key products available that are aligned with our goals of top quality and affordable price. 

Additionally, our technicians have years of experience, training and knowledge to double up as your home security advisors when you need expert guidance. When you call Lock Key Store, you don't just get the skilled hands but also the brains and proficiency of a trained technician. 

Get on-call service at your doorstep

We address all residential locksmith concerns in a single call. If you need help, you simply call Lock Key Store at 317-975-2286 and our team will be dispatched promptly. Our technicians will reach your doorstep within minutes and provide you with onsite solution. No matter where you are located in Indianapolis, IN help will always arrive at your location within record 30-minutes.
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